Second-storey Additions Services

Second Storey Additions To Help Add Extra Space To Your Home

Are you in need of extra spaces in your home? Strati Constructions PTY Ltd comes bearing the perfect solution for your problem. Increase your living space with a second-storey addition. This is an effective way to increase your living space without investing big capital. In fact, this is the best option if you are just looking to add extra space to your existing home.

Strati Constructions PTY Ltd has decades of experience in second storey additions. You can rely on us with any home improvement project including second-storey additions. Over the years, we have had the pleasure of working on many second-storey addition projects all of which were completed successfully and on time.

Second-storey Additions

Benefits Of Adding A Second Storey Addition To Your Home

A second-storey addition has its own benefits. Because there are benefits, most homeowners opt for second-storey additions rather than building a new home.

  • Creates extra living space
  • Save money and time since no major construction work needs to be done
  • You can stay in the house even when the construction takes place
  • Enhances the appearance of your home
  • Incredibly adds value to your property

Increases the functionality of your home

Your Most Trustworthy Construction Company In Sydney

With unparalleled services, we have been serving the Sydney community since the inception of our business. We have been able to build a solid track record, thanks to our expert team. Our crew always strives to create living spaces that match your modern lifestyle.

We think out of the box when creating a design and work hard in getting the construction job done right. Our promise to you is to deliver you what has been promised. As properly licensed, certified, and insured professionals, we have all the necessary warranties to work on your second-storey addition project. Strati Constructions PTY Ltd is nothing but honest with its customers and we always strive to provide the best.

Strati Constructions PTY Ltd is the most trustworthy construction company in Sydney. We offer top-class services at competitive prices. Our crew works hard and always makes sure to strive for excellence to deliver the best. Feel free to contact us.

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